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Painted Pine Furniture: 16 Before and After Examples

Pine is a softwood that’s been used for many years in order to create anything from interior furniture to window frames and in recent years has been a highly popular choice for those who want their furniture to look natural. However, like most interior decor trends, its popularity has significantly declined. But rather than replacing … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Painting MDF Like A Professional

Would you love to paint MDF like a pro? This article has all the tips, tricks and information you need to paint this tricky surface with ease, and get fantastic results too. MDF or ‘Medium Density Fibreboard’ is a cheap and easily available material used in homes and business premises for all kinds of different … Read more

Best Radiator Paint

Buying the best radiator paint can have a really big impact on your interior decor style. From whites to anthracite, radiator paint comes in a variety of colours and thus can match your existing decor. But how do you know which one to choose? If you get the choice wrong you might end up with … Read more

Best Skirting Board Paint in the UK [2022]

What is the best skirting board paint in the UK? It’s a question we get asked regularly by our clients and the truthful answer is: it depends who you ask. We know that’s not the most satisfactory answer in the world which is why we decided to survey 140 of our fellow professional decorators to … Read more

Best Furniture Paint in the UK [2022]

As professional decorators, we often get asked “which is the best furniture paint?” Well, this question is a tricky one to answer. The reason it’s a tricky question is because there’s not really one single paint that ticks all the boxes. For example, whilst you may opt for a chalk finish for some of your … Read more

Best Paint for Banisters

What is the best paint for banisters? It’s a question that is subjective and will vary depending on who you ask. For example, some painters will choose a durable gloss whereas others might prefer something like satinwood which is less durable but more pleasing on the eye. So how do you know which paint is … Read more

Best Ceiling Paint in the UK [2022]

Choosing the best ceiling paint means you’ll be getting something that not only looks good and lasts years but is easy to apply too. But how do you know which paint is best for your job? After all, if you get the choice wrong you could end up with something that doesn’t spread well, leaves … Read more

Best Shed Paint to Transform Your Garden

Choosing the best shed paint can entirely transform the look and feel of your garden. But get your choice wrong and you might end up wasting your time on something that doesn’t hold up well against UV, weathers easily and gives you very poor coverage. Fortunately, as paint experts, we’ve tried and tested some of … Read more

Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint in the UK [2022]

best kitchen cabinet paint

Choosing the best kitchen cabinet paint is an inexpensive way to completely refresh the look of your kitchen. If you’re thinking of redecorating your kitchen and plan on entirely stripping your kitchen cabinets and replacing them with new ones, you might want to think twice. Assuming the wood is still in good condition, you might … Read more

Best Paint for Walls in the UK [2022]

best paint for walls cover

Finding the best paint for walls can have a dramatic impact on both your interior and exterior walls. A lick of paint can bring a new lease of life to tired, out of date interior decor or refresh exterior walls that have gradually been worn down by the effects of the British weather. But how … Read more