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Q&A: Front Door Paint

Front door paint can transform the look of your entire home.

But where can you buy it from? Can you paint plastic doors? And what’s the best way to apply it?

If you’re thinking about painting your front door but are still a little unsure whether you should or not, keep reading. We’ve answered the above questions plus questions submitted by our readers to create this ultimate guide to front door paint.

What type of paint can you use on front doors?

Front door paint needs to be durable to withstand the UK’s notoriously wet weather conditions. On this basis, it’s recommended to go with anything from exterior satinwood to high gloss, depending on what level of sheen you personally would prefer.

Can you paint plastic front doors?

Yes, painting plastic doors is very doable and can make tired uPVC front doors look much better. Sugar soap, a light sanding and a decent primer will help front door paint key properly.

What’s the best way to apply paint to a front door?

It really depends on the surface. A brush is great for wooden doors whereas spraying is one of the best ways to apply paint to a uPVC front door.

Which brands provide front door paint?

There are plenty of reputable brands you can choose from when choosing your front door paint. Some of our favourites include:

  • Johnstone’s
  • Dulux
  • Crown
  • Zinsser
  • Bedec
  • Rust Oleum
  • Leyland Trade

As mentioned above, make sure you choose something that is between exterior satinwood – high gloss.

Is Crown Aqua Flow WB eggshell any good for the inside of a front door?

Yes it’s pretty good. It dries quickly so you can get 3 coats on easily in one day. But it does ruin paint brushes though so don’t invest in one that’s expensive!

What’s the best paint to use on a UPVC front door?

I like to use Zinsser Allcoat. I know some others in the trade prefer Bedec but Bedec has a habit of being prone to scratches. Allcoat doesn’t have this issue.

Can you remove paint from a metal front door with a heat gun?

Please do not use a heat gun – it will buckle the panels! There might also be a layer of foam in between the metal front and back panels. Good old elbow grease and lots of rubbing is the way forward. Or see if it will chip off.

What’s the best primer for bare metal front doors?

I would go with Zinsser 123 primer.

Can you use emulsion on the exterior of a front door?

Absolutely not. Emulsion isn’t anywhere near tough enough to withstand weather conditions and will end up peeling off fairly soon after application.

I have an old, natural wooden door that’s lost some of its colour and has around 8 rusty nails that have discoloured the wood slightly. How do I transform it to look like new again?

Light to medium oak stain for me. I’ve always had good results with Sadolin. Make sure you use oxalic acid on the screws/nails to get rid of the marks. Oxalic acid removes the reaction that iron has in wood. You buy it in crystal form. Add water, brush it on and leave it then wash it off. It won’t effect the screws, just the wood.

How much will it cost me to get a professional to spray paint my front door?

It all depends on your location but typical rates would be between £170 – £300. London decorators could well charge up to £400.