About Us

Welcome to My Paint Guide! I started this blog with my dad in an attempt to share our 60 years of combined experience in the world of painting and decorating.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

With a keen interest in developing my learning and understanding, I have a Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Painting and Decorating and am fast approaching 15 years as a self-employed professional decorator.

Over the years, and especially since creating this blog, I’ve had the fortune (and sometimes misfortune) of testing the capabilities of a variety of different paint products and tools so there’s not a product out there that I haven’t used personally (probably).

Furthermore, I’ve got vast experience in painting all types of substrates and have the technical knowledge to apply the right paint systems in the right situations.

My dad on the other hand is a time-served decorator who has lived through 40 years of paint development so has seen it all. He’s now semi-retired, dividing his time between doing the odd job here and there and disagreeing with me on what paints we should recommend on this site or the process we should advise for painting various substrates!

All jokes aside, I value his opinion immensely – there’s a reason he’s been in the game for 40 years.

Why We Started This Blog

Our aim is to give you guidance on the best paints for the job, teach you how to paint like a professional, and also try and test new products so you don’t have to!

My dad and I won’t always agree on the best paints (typical) so we try to combine opinions from other professional decorators and thousands of user reviews along with our own testing and knowledge to come up with definitive guides.

Whether you’re looking for the best fence paint or something more obscure like the best water-based gloss for skirting boards, we’ll do our best to make as many thorough guides available so you make the right paint choice every time.

How We Test Paint and Tools

As professional decorators, we always conform to industry standards in our work and have taken this approach as a basis for reviewing paints and tools.

For example, if we review paint that is intended for wooden surfaces, we will rate it on its ability to protect the wood, what the aesthetics of the finish is like, whether it lives up to the manufacturer’s claims or not, the ease of application, and how good the coverage and opacity is.

We then conduct side-by-side comparisons of different products so you can see how they compare to each other in various categories.

In order to choose the products we review, we look at current best sellers, products advocated by our fellow professional decorators, and also add in a few random products just in case we find hidden gems.

Do We Get Paid for This Blog?

We currently get paid small fees for the paint and products we recommend but the price is always the same for you. These fees help us consistently update the website, pay for maintenance costs associated with running a blog, and also go towards buying new products to test.

If we are earning commission on anything, we will always make it clear in our blog posts and offer alternative places to buy where we don’t get compensated.

How to Get In Touch

We hope you all get something from the blog but if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via admin@mypaintguide.co.uk or call 01442238210.

All the best,

Andrew & Tommy