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How To Remove Artex From Walls and Ceilings

Artex was so popular back in the sixties and seventies that the brand name became synonymous with all textured wall coatings in much the same way that Kleenex became a generic word for tissues. Some find a nostalgic charm in Artex but if you’re not a fan you may find yourself facing the challenging and … Read more

What Paint To Use On Skirting Boards?

The humble skirting board has a long history in our homes. In fact high skirting was something of a status symbol in Victorian times. While dado rails might well be coming back into fashion in certain corners, skirting boards never left. Protecting your plaster and paint from wear and tear and covering up untidy joints … Read more

How To Clean Paint Brushes Like A Professional

A good quality paintbrush holds more paint, distributes it more evenly on the surface and won’t leave you picking out loose bristles from your new coat of paint. Investing in good brushes means less work for you and better value for money in the long run, but there’s little point in buying a better brush … Read more

How To Paint Aluminium

Aluminium door painted with aluminium paint.

Painting aluminium can be a cost-effective way to inject new life into your home and garden. You may be looking to update your front door, garage door, window frames, garden gate, or outdoor furniture, and done correctly, painting aluminium can result in an ultra-chic, modern aesthetic. We’ve all heard of the term ‘upcycling’ and a … Read more

How To Prepare Walls for Painting After Removing Wallpaper

You’ve finally got rid of that dated wallpaper that’s been around for years and you’re ready to add a fresh lick of paint to your walls. Preparing walls for painting after you have removed your old wallpaper is essential for a smooth finish and it’s worth taking the time to properly prepare your walls. After … Read more

Is Farrow and Ball Worth It?

Farrow and Ball market their brand as craftsmen of paint and paper, selling high-end, designer products that are style conscious and eco-aware. With a palette of more than 130 shades, Farrow and Ball offer an extensive and unique range of colour choices. The brand’s popularity continues to grow and you can find their product range … Read more

How To Fix Peeling Paint on A Bathroom Wall or Ceiling 

The bathroom of your home is a room often visited by guests. Unsightly peeling, flaky paint or mould on the ceiling or walls can appear unhygienic and be a source of embarrassment. However, with the right approach, a shabby looking bathroom can be brought back to its former glory in no time. It is important … Read more

Painted Pine Furniture: 16 Before and After Examples

Pine is a softwood that’s been used for many years in order to create anything from interior furniture to window frames and in recent years has been a highly popular choice for those who want their furniture to look natural. However, like most interior decor trends, its popularity has significantly declined. But rather than replacing … Read more

How To Choose The Right Sandpaper Grit

Whatever the DIY project, there’s always a certain amount of preparation involved. Sanding is one of the most common preparatory tasks in home decorating and is sometimes taken for granted. However getting this part of the process right is essential to achieving a great finish, and there may be more to it than you think. … Read more

What Paint Do Professionals Use?

It’s no secret that professional painters and decorators use different paint than the average DIYer. Trade paint is typically more opaque, has better flow and allows for a much better finish, in fewer coats, than retail paint. This benefits professionals as it means they can finish jobs in a shorter amount of time and of … Read more