Gyproc EasiFill Review

Being a professional decorator, I’ve always got filler in the van and one of my favourites over the past few years has been Gyproc EasiFill. But what makes this filler so good? I’ve decided to use my years of experience to write an unbiased Gyproc EasiFill review to give you an idea as to what … Read more

Best Paint for Kitchen Ceilings

Finding the best paint for kitchen ceilings can prove difficult if you have limited knowledge of what you actually need. After all, there are plenty of ceiling paints out there such as Tikkurila AR2 and Johnstone’s StainAway, each proving useful in their own way. But which one is right for your job? I’ve listed out … Read more

Best Skirting Board Paint

Skirting board painted with Johnstone's Satinwood

What is the best skirting board paint in the UK? It’s a question we get asked regularly by our clients and the truthful answer is: it depends who you ask. We know that’s not the most satisfactory answer in the world which is why we decided to survey 140 of our fellow professional decorators to … Read more

Best Paint for Window Sills (Interior and Exterior)

Whether you have uPVC, concrete or wooden windowsills, choosing the right paint system for your specific substrate is paramount when it comes to a painted windowsill that not only looks great but stands the test of time. Having used a variety of different paint systems over the years, I’ve been lucky enough (and sometimes unlucky … Read more

5 Best Cutting In Paint Brushes

Whilst many people opt to use frog tape to achieve straight lines, nothing is more satisfying and indicative of a decorator’s quality than cutting in a sharp line using a brush. Whilst there’s some debate as to what holds more importance between the decorator’s skill or the quality of the cutting in paint brush there’s … Read more

Dulux Once Satinwood Review

Tin of Dulux Once Satinwood paint.

I’ve been on a bit of a reviewing spree in the last couple of weeks so I’ve decided to follow up and do a Dulux Once Satinwood review. For those unfamiliar with this product, it’s basically a retail paint that’s marketed as having the capability to cover in one coat. Now, you might be wondering, … Read more

Frenchic Paint Review

Ever since that handsome fella from Big Brother became a brand ambassador for them, Frenchic paint has become a DIY phenomenon and you’ll do well to avoid walking into a home that doesn’t have furniture painted in their eye-catching colours. But is Frenchic paint just a fad? A well-marketed paint that doesn’t actually provide much … Read more

Dulux Easycare Paint Review

I’ve been using Dulux Easycare paint sporadically over the past couple of years as more and more customers request it. Whilst using a retail-standard paint is a bit of a taboo subject in the professional decorating trade, it’s no secret that professionals and DIYers alike have jumped on the Easycare bandwagon, not least because it’s … Read more

Bedec Multi Surface Paint Review: A Ten-Year Journey

Throughout my time as a professional decorator, I’ve used a lot of paints on a lot of surfaces. But there’s one that consistently makes its way into my toolkit: Bedec MSP (Multi Surface Paint). Whether I need to paint a vintage toy box, garden fences, or uPVC windows of all shapes and sizes, Bedec MSP … Read more

Good Home Durable Matt Emulsion Paint Review

Image of Good Home Durable Matt Emulsion paint tub.

Goodhome Durable Matt Emulsion has been making plenty of noise in the painting and decorating trade over the last couple of years with many pros ditching trade-standard emulsion for this cheap retail paint. But how good can it actually be? Is it good enough to give a professional finish? Does it last a long time? … Read more