Cuprinol Ducksback Review

When looking for fence paint, many people opt for Cuprinol. But is Cuprinol fence paint any good?

We’ve tried and tested Cuprinol’s Ducksback on many occasions and even went as far as putting it as our best fence paint overall in a recent review. So what makes it such a good fence paint? We’ve gone through a number of categories to give you a nice overview of all of its features.


You might be wondering why Cuprinol have called this particular paint ‘Ducksback’. While you may think it’s called this purely to have a catchy name – it’s actually inspired by nature. Ducksback gets its name from the way a duck oils up its feathers, thus creating a waterproof layer. This is exactly what Cuprinol’s Ducksback does and is part of the reason why it’s such a durable paint.

As well as being water repellent, the paint also offers your fences frost protection – something vitally important for those wet and cold winter months.

This paint lasts at least 5 years (Cuprinol’s Garden Shades lasts 6 years) and is one of the most durable and low maintenance choices on the market.


A great feature of this paint is its versatility. While known mostly for its quality for use as a fence paint, you can also use it on a variety of garden features such as sheds and garden furniture. Moving away from different objects, it’s also suitable for wooden surfaces, regardless of their state. Whether you have a basic feather board fence or a Venetian fence, this paint will do the job.

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Ease of Application

This paint has remarkable ease of application and is suitable for use for experienced painters to amateur DIYers. It’s been formulated to go over any type of wooden surface, regardless of whether it’s been treated or not. The non-drip formula ensures a nice, even spread and coverage.

You also have the option to use either a paint brush, roller or paint sprayer with this paint with the final finish being a high standard regardless of your application method. Like to spend a bit more time with your paint? Take your time with a nice paint brush. Prefer to get the job done quicker? Thin the paint with some water and spray your panels in minutes.

Colour Choice

Cuprinol Ducksback comes in a variety of 9 different colours, all designed to add something a bit different to your garden.

The black colour has the ability to make your garden look spacious and has even been said to increase the value of your property.

Have darker foliage and objects in your garden? Try a complimentary colour like Silver Copse which adds simplicity and elegance.

Of course you can always choose from the tried and tested browns, greens etc.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to painting fences, we’d always choose Cuprinol Ducksback as our first choice. The only thing that slightly lets it down is the lack of diversity within the colours but the traditional colours in their range all look great so that’s not too much of an issue.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for something reliable, durable and easy to apply we’d absolutely recommend this paint.

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