Decorating Stilts Review: Work Tall Boots

Thanks to SM Decorating Services for this review of the decorating stilts Work Tall Boots.

Decorating Stilts Review

So, I won these monstrosities and I just tried them out.

For a start they fit my size 12 feet which is a bonus! They are a lot sturdier than I imagined and a great height for cutting in a standard room (I’m 6ft).

They didn’t take much getting used to but I found I had to be aware of my footing at all times. It says on the instructions ‘you are not a robot so don’t walk like one’. To be fair, it’s pretty hard not to! Little sidesteps around the room worked well for me. Also, I didn’t like the fact that they assumed I wasn’t a robot! You can’t say those things anymore ?

I’m currently working in an empty rental property and flew round the 3 bedrooms and landing upstairs and they definitely saved me time and to be honest I enjoyed using them.



Work Tall decorator stilts


At one point I lost my balance and shit myself although it was my own fault as I tried to pick up a 10-litre tub and fill another with them still on ?

If you happened to have a wobble, I think it could potentially be quite dangerous and end up with a nasty ankle injury (already broke my ankle once so I could just be being overcautious).

If you are steady and always aware of your surroundings you should be fine!

Man wearing decorator stilts


In conclusion, as a more domestic decorator, I’m not sure I would be using them all the time unless it was a totally empty room I was working in.

I think for site painters these would be an absolute game changer! If I was still on sites these would be used constantly.

So yes, a good bit of kit overall! Just be prepared for people to laugh at you while you’re walking about like a cross between Robocop and Frankenstein!