Should You Use Silk Paint On Your Walls?

Should you use silk paint on your walls? It’s a question we often get asked by our clients.

Whilst the current trend dictates that you should be using a matt emulsion to get the best look and finish, there are still some brands out there producing silk paint for people to use on their interior walls.

The general consensus amongst painters and decorators is that silk just isn’t up to standard anymore. With that in mind, we decided to research why you shouldn’t use silk paint on your walls by asking the professionals themselves.

Here’s the opinions from 13 professional painters and decorators…

Dartford Decorating

Been to correct a few jobs previously painted in Silk. The finish is horrible and why anyone would want it is beyond me.


I painted my in-law’s ceilings with silk because that’s what they wanted. I couldn’t talk them out of it but luckily they were stippled ceilings. I still cringe every time I look at it but they like it so I guess it’s not all that bad.


Don’t think anyone in their right mind uses silk anymore, it’s awful stuff. Durable matt is the perfect paint now. If someone insists on shiny then use acrylic eggshell.


Silk paint is simply rubbish. It doesn’t cover well, it’s too shiny and it marks very easily. If a client wants a similar finish to silk then use an acrylic eggshell.


Use anything else but silk. Devil’s own work, that stuff. Should be banned.

HS Decorators

Silk is honestly nonsense. It’s the devils work. There’s far better products and nicer finishes out there. I’m not even kidding – I started a petition to get vinyl silk banned.


Use vinyl soft sheen instead. It’s a much better finish and product.


A customer of mine wanted to strip her wallpaper off and paint the walls in silk! I said no but she wanted it done. Looked absolutely sh*t when done but she loved it. There is no accounting for taste!


Horrible stuff. It’s popular with the older customers. No matter how hard you try to convince them they still want silk and high gloss.


Horrible paint, it shows every imperfection. Hideous stuff that’s best left to DIYers that think they need to put it up in bathrooms and kitchens!


I just painted 3 rooms and an entire hallway with silk, now the customer is picking out every dig, bump and discrepancy they can find. I advised a durable matt but no, didn’t want it. Don’t use silk unless your walls are perfect.


I always try and talk my customers out of silk. I hate the stuff. Durable Matt all the way for me.

TV Painting & Decorating

Silk is a decorator’s worst nightmare because of the level of prep. For a good finish you need to make the walls 100% level, smooth and free of any snags or defects. The walls will need a minimum 2 skims. Or worse, if the walls are crocked, a complete re-plaster is needed before the skimming.

When done properly, with a flat painted finish there’s no orange peel roller textures from the roller. The finish is a thing of beauty plus its washable so ideal for families with lots of small children.


Should you use silk paint on your interior walls? Judging by the opinions expressed by these 13 professionals, we’d probably say not to bother. For what it’s worth, we’d also recommend against it. Go for a trade-standard washable matt if you’re concerned about durability.