Using A Paint Sprayer On Interiors?

We all know that using a paint sprayer can give you great results in a short period of time.

We’ve become accustomed to using paint sprayers on large jobs such as garden fences as they can save you a considerable amount of time and ultimately makes the project cheaper for the customer. But can you, or rather should you use a paint sprayer for interior projects?

In order to get a variety of opinions, we asked a few people we know in the painting trade for their thoughts and have compiled them into the list below. Read on to get the opinions from actual professionals.

1. John

I’ve been painting for over 25 years, and yes spraying interiors is ok. I prefer to use a roller when needed, just keep in mind the trade off of masking compared to just cutting in and rolling.

2. Eddie

I think spraying looks better and more of a fine finish than a roller and brush. It may be more masking and prep but the look and detail to the surface is way better.

3. James

Spraying with no training or experience is likely a risky idea, especially if the home is unfurnished. If you’re not a professional I’d stick to using a brush and roller.

4. Jason

Too much can go wrong in my opinion. Overspray is like water – you can hardly contain it in a house being lived in. If it’s an empty house on the market then maybe. It’s a lot of prep too. If you have to paint a houseful of ceilings, yes (as long as it’s empty) other than that I wouldn’t bother.

5. David

Depends on how much prep you want to do. I prefer to spray but, and a lot of people don’t realise this, it does increase job cost.

6. James K

I only use a sprayer inside for new construction, very rare in an occupied home. It’s faster to roll walls and ceilings by hand in an occupied home. Outside is different, you really need one.

7. Mel

Spraying is great. You will always have a fine dust no matter how many years of experience you have. You are putting that in the air and it will carry. Masking is key, drape and cover every surface. This will take you a bit.

Gun control! Make sure you start and stop when you need to. Don’t be trigger happy! I have done 20,000 sq foot homes furnished. Just don’t be that painter that doesn’t care – be methodical about what you’re doing and you will be fine!

8. Ian

Been painting 34 years, I’d strongly advise against spraying inside a furnished home. I spray all my exteriors and back roll, that’s where you’ll save time if you do any exteriors. The cons of interior spraying isn’t worth it.


The consensus seems to be that spraying interiors should be avoided mostly but there are a few who feel it’s worth it. Our opinion was that spraying unfurnished homes can save you quite a bit of time – especially if you’re going to be spraying the walls/ceilings the same colour. But