Best Garage Floor Paint in the UK

Finding the best garage floor paint is no easy task. You have to consider variables such as durability, suitability for stone and concrete flooring and if you’re applying it yourself, ease of application. Getting your choice wrong with a product like this often means time and effort is wasted.

Throughout our years of combined experience, we’ve painted many garage floors and have combined our knowledge with thousands of online reviews to provide you with our guide to the best garage floor paint in the UK so you don’t have to worry about making the same mistakes many have made in the past!

1) Leyland Garage Floor Paint (Best Overall)

leyland trade best garage floor paint

The Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint provides a hardwearing, durable satin finish. It’s designed to endure repeated cleaning making it ideal for use on any concrete or wooden surfaces and is best suited to garage floors.

It’s re-coatable in 16-24 hours and can withstand light foot traffic during that time. Once fully painted, you’ll want to give it about 10 days before parking your car on the surface to give it time to reach its maximum durability.

Before and after of a garage floor we painted using Leyland’s garage floor paint. Beautiful finish and bulletproof durability!

To really get the most out of this paint, we recommend diluting it first with about 10% white spirit.


  • Tough and durable – resistant to mild chemicals
  • Protective satin finish
  • Suitable for concrete and wood floors


  • It’s incredibly easy to apply even if you’re an inexperienced painter
  • Produces a really eye pleasing slate grey finish
  • The coverage of the paint is a huge 11m²/L – 17m²/L depending on the porosity of the surface you’re painting on


  • The odour is incredibly strong – make sure to vent your garage properly

Final Verdict

When taking all things into consideration, we would recommend this Leyland garage floor paint before any other. It’s super easy to apply and is simple to get a professional looking finish.

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2) Polar (Best Garage Floor Paint Runner Up)

Our best garage floor paint runner up is Polar with their remarkably durable floor and garage paint. Polar are the former owners and creators of Johnstone’s Paints so you know their products offer the best quality and reliability and this paint is no exception.

With a coverage of up to 60m² / 5 litres, this paint is cost effective and should comfortably cover 2 coats’ worth.

Priming isn’t required but similar to Leyland, you should dilute the paint by 10% with white spirit for the first coat. After the 2 coats are applied (give it a day or so before applying the second coat) you’ll be left with a clean and smooth light grey finish.


  • High performance, hard wearing solvent based Polyurethane coating for concrete, stones and garages.
  • Resistant to many industrial chemicals and regular washing with water. Stir well before use.
  • Interior use only – For use on concrete and stone floors in the factory, warehouse, garage, corridor, door step, commercial floors and utility room environments. Not recommended for use on Bitumen or Asphalt.
  • Spreading rate up to 60 square metres per 5 litre, dependent on substrate. Slip resistant floor protection.
  • 1x 5 Litre Light Grey mid-sheen finish. Colours are for indication only.


  • Works well regardless of how worn your garage floor is
  • The paint arrives with metal clips on the lid to ensure no spillages during transit
  • It’s not too viscous and is easy to apply
  • Can be applied using a brush or a roller


  • Takes a long time to thoroughly dry so you will need to be patient

Final Verdict

This is one of the best garage floor paints on the market and offers incredible value for money. Per litre it’s as cheap as any other whilst providing a quality finish you’d expect to get from something much more expensive. Overall fantastic paint.

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3) Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint

This Ronseal garage floor paint is made up of a unique water-based acrylic formula which has been developed specifically for use on garage floors.

Whilst the coverage isn’t as high as some of the other paints on this list one tin should still be enough. What it lacks on coverage it more than makes up for in quality. As this paint is specifically for garage floors, it’s fantastic at resisting things like brake fluid, battery acid, screen wash, oil and anti-freeze.

Along with it’s practicality it also has a very nice slate grey finish which is complimentary if your garage walls are painted white.


  • The Ronseal RSLDHGFPS25L is supplied in a plastic tub with re-sealable lid.
  • The ultimate protection for garage floors, its unique water-based acrylic formula, developed specifically for use on stone as concrete garage floors, is tough, durable and chemical resistant formula
  • Areas of use: Stone or concrete garage floors


  • The thickness of the paint can almost be used as a filler for overly porous surfaces (leave it a lot longer than recommended if you use it in this way to ensure it dries properly)
  • It’s very easy to apply and can be applied using a roller or a brush
  • The paint dries very quickly compared to similar paints


  • It’s quite expensive per litre compared to similar quality paints

Final Verdict

Ronseal consistently make high quality paint and this is one in particular follows suit. If you’re looking for a specific paint for garage floors, this one will definitely do the job! It’s somewhat expensive and you’d probably be better off going for something else if you’re working with a budget.

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4) Johnstone’s Garage Floor Paint

johnstone's garage floor paint

Johnstone’s get our vote as one of the best garage floor paints overall when taking into consideration ease of use, durability and value for money.

Johnstone’s are renowned for creating good quality paint at accessible price points however, this particular paint is a little bit more expensive than some of the others on the market. We think the price point is justified when taking into account the quality of the paint however.

If you’ve only just laid your cement or concrete, we’d recommend waiting several months before painting with this particular paint for best results.


  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Designed to resist oil and grease spills
  • Suitable for concrete floors
  • Available in a range of colours


  • It’s one of the highest rated paints according to customer reviews
  • Has a gorgeous semi-gloss finish
  • Comes in five different colours
  • Guaranteed to be long lasting


  • It’s a little bit expensive

Final Verdict

Whilst Johnstone’s garage floor paint doesn’t shine in any particular category, it’s still a great all rounder and comes highly recommended. It resists oil and grease and is perfect for application on concrete.

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5) TA Paints

TA Paints

TA Paints offer another oil-based concrete floor paint whose first coat acts as a good primer. The high gloss finish looks fantastic and the sheer number of colours available seals its place on this list.

As the paint is made for multi-use across a variety of floors including garage workshops and factories, you can be sure that it will last year as long, if not longer, than some of the more popular brands.

Application is very easy with both a brush and roller and it dries quickly, minimising the chances of the paint getting ruined.


  • Single Pack Oil based floor paint
  • Touch Dry in 2-4 hours, Overcoat 12 – 24 hours
  • Covers Approx. 8 square meters per litre
  • Suitable for concrete, wood, metal, stone & brick floors


  • As they’re an industrial paint company they can provide more colours than their competitors
  • It’s very easy to apply
  • It’s very durable and will last you years


  • The paint doesn’t come with any instructions so remember to go back to the Amazon page if you’re not an experienced painter (trust me, you don’t want to get it wrong!)

Final Verdict

If you have a specific colour theme in mind for your garage, this paint will do the trick. With over 25 different colours to choose from you’re almost spoilt for choice. Beyond the aesthetics, it’s a very solid paint if a little overpriced compared to the coverage you get.

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6) Floorsaver

Floorsaver’s Epoxy Floor Paint is the perfect industrial grade, heavy duty epoxy floor paint that stands up to heavy wear and tear. It’s a water-based paint which means it’s healthier to work with and in our experience, easier to clean.

It’s great for garage floors as it can withstand hot tyres and resist automotive fluids which ruins ordinary paints. Epoxy Floor Paint offers a good chemical resistance and is virtually odourless, meaning it can be applied in confined areas safely although good ventilation is still recommended.


  • Stands up to wear and tear – can be used in areas where vehicles are regularly used
  • Versatile – it can withstand for commercial, industrial or home use
  • A tough epoxy formula which dust-proofs, seals and protects
  • Low odour – can be used in confined spaces
  • Quick and easy – walk on within 24 hours at 15℃


  • From our calculations it achieves a customer review score of 9.4/10
  • No primer coat is needed so reduces the time it takes to complete
  • Gives a nice solid floor finish with a clean shine
  • Incredibly durable
  • Easily applied regardless of how porous the surface you’re painting on is


  • Needs to be applied at a minimum of 15 degrees celcius

Final Verdict

This paint comes in 5 different colours giving you plenty of choice. It’s one of the best garage floor paints on the market but with that quality comes a big price tag. If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong here.

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7) Blackfriar Anti-slip Floor Paint

best garage floor paint anti slip

If you’re looking specifically for an anti-slip paint for your garage, Blackfriar is the paint for you.

It’s tough, durable and more importantly contains special aggregates for excellent slip resistance. This high opacity floor coating is also suitable for a variety of surfaces including concrete, masonry and wood so should you have any leftover you can use it for other paint projects.


  • Aggregated finish for total slip-resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Coverage: 6-10m sq per litre per coat
  • Touch Dry: 4-6hrs @ 20C
  • Application: Brush or Roller


  • Anti-slip makes it ideal in a garage or garage workshop environment
  • Easy to apply with either a brush or roller
  • It’s thick and opaque which makes it perfect to cover up any blemishes from your old floor


  • It’s not as easy to clean as some other paints
  • You may find you need to repaint more often than other paints

Final Verdict

We like the anti-slip properties of this specific paint. Being anti-slip in one of the most dangerous areas of your home is somewhat undervalued when it comes to choosing the best garage floor paint but it’s an obvious benefit. Overall you can expect to get a clean, smooth finish at a decent price point.

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How to Paint a Garage Floor

Now you’ve decided on your paint, what comes next? Painting a garage floor is no small task and the key is in your preparation. As the old adage goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” You don’t want to spend good money and effort on painting your garage floor if the result is flaking paint or paint that comes off easily.

With that in mind here’s some quick tips to help you on your way.

Prepare the Surface

You want to make sure the surface is spotless before applying the paint. Brush it, hoover it, wash it down and degrease it – do what you need to do to make sure there’s nothing left behind that’s going to affect your application of the new paint.

Prepare the Paint

Once your surface is clean and dry, it’s time to prepare your paint. Depending on which paint you opt for there’ll be different instructions. Our advice here – follow them, the manufacturers know best.

If you need to mix the first coat with 10% white spirit, do it. If you need to thoroughly stir your paint for 5 minutes beforehand, do it.

Follow the instructions and you should get the best finish possible.

It’s Time to Paint: Part One

Grab yourself a brush and apply the paint around the edges of your garage. A brush gives you more precision and stops you accidentally getting paint on your walls. Once you’ve done the outline, feel free to use a roller.

It’s Time to Wait: Part One

Once the first coat has been applied, you’ll want to wait as long as the manufacturer states. This can be as long as a whole day and will require a lot of patience. As garage floor paint is heavy duty and thicker, it will take longer to dry.

It’s Time to Paint: Part Two

After following the manufacturers guide, it’s time to repeat part one and apply the second coat. Make sure the first coat is fully dried before this step otherwise you won’t get your desired finish.

It’s Time to Wait: Part Two

Finally, you’re going to have to play the waiting game again. Most paints will allow for light foot traffic within several hours but it can be a couple of weeks before your fresh paint is set enough to endure vehicles parking on it.


Painting your garage floor might seem like a bit of a daunting task to the average home owner but it doesn’t need to be as complicated as you think.

By choosing the best paint for the job you’ve already won half the battle. Strictly follow the guidelines on your tin of paint and you can’t go far wrong.

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