Is Leyland Garage Floor Paint Any Good?

We recently voted Leyland Trade as our number one choice for garage floor paint but what makes it stand out from the rest?

We’re going to take a little bit of a deep dive into all the qualities that make Leyland Trade’s garage floor paint one of, if not the best on the market.

How durable is Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint?

Leyland has one of the most durable floor paints on the market making it well suited for use in a garage. The heavy duty paint is based on polyurethane alkyd resins which have the ability to withstand numerous cleanings whilst also being able to resist spillages such as oil and mild chemicals typically associated with cars.

Leyland recommend that it be used anywhere from garages to workshops as well as warehouses and factories which should give you some idea as to the environmental pressures it’s able to cope with.

If the surface has been prepared properly, you can expect this paint to last many years.

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How easy is it to apply?

As we’ve said before, preparation is key. As long as you have a clean substrate this paint becomes a breeze to apply.

After opening, give the paint a good stir – this should give you a good indication as to whether you need to thin it or not. You can thin the paint for the first coat using 5% white spirit – this will make it even easier to apply.

In terms of tools, use a good paint brush around the edges and then a roller for larger areas.

Out of all the garage floor paints on the market, this is quite possibly the easiest to prepare and apply.

What’s the coverage like?

In terms of coverage, Leyland Trade simply blows the competition away. The exact coverage you get will vary between 11m²/L – 17m²/L depending on the porosity of your floor. If you have a nice, smooth floor, you’re going to be hitting the 17m²/L range which is going to be more than enough to cover most garages with just one tin.

For reference, the maximum coverage you’ll get from something like Johnstone’s Garage Floor Paint is just shy of 10m²/L.

How easy is it to maintain?

As mentioned above, the polyurethane alkyd resins that make up the paint have been specifically formulated to withstand multiple cleanings. The higher sheen satin finish is also more washable than some other types of paints so keeping your garage floor clean without damaging it isn’t a problem.

What’s the colour range like?

The colour range is fairly limited but fortunately it’s limited to a few nice colours. The colour range includes slate, frigate, nimbus and tile red. 3 of the 4 are types of grey with tile red is an option for a quirkier look.

Our personal favourite is frigate which is somewhere in the middle of nimbus (very light grey) and the darker slate grey.

Are there any downsides?

You could consider the lack of colour choice as one of the downsides to this paint. For comparison purposes, Johnstone’s has a larger variety of colours available spanning from black, white, grey, red and even green. That’s not to say the colour doesn’t look great, there’s just not much variety.

As with most garage floor paints, it’s oil based, has a high VOC content and for lack of better terminology, smells pretty bad. Make sure you vent your garage as much as you can before, during and after application.

Like most hardwearing floor paints, you also need to contend with drying times. In order for the paint to fully cure you’re looking at about 7 – 10 days where you can’t park your car in your garage. Painting is also a 2 day job as you’ll need to wait 24 hours or so between the first and second coats of paint.

Final Comments

When taking all things into consideration, we would recommend this Leyland garage floor paint before any other. It’s super easy to apply, has the best coverage and is simple to get a professional looking finish.

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