Can You Mix Matt and Silk Paint?

So you have some leftover matt and silk paint but not enough of either to finish a whole surface. Then you ask yourself: “Wait, can you just mix matt and silk paint?”

With both matt and silk being emulsions, surely it makes sense that you can? Well, that’s what we’re here to answer in today’s article.

Can You Mix Matt and Silk Paint?

Whilst you can mix matt and silk paint, we would advise against it due to the fact that you will increase your chances of the paint crazing by doing so.

What Happens If You Mix Matt and Silk Paint?

Whilst both paints are an emulsion, once mixed, the paint will likely be more matt than silk. However, matt and silk emulsion have a slightly different drying process. This slight difference CAN lead to problems such as crazing although truth be told, the chances of that happening isn’t high.

In fact, some professional decorators choose to mix matt and silk paint to use as a sort of primer if applying matt over silk. Personally, I would recommend against mixing the two as matt paint goes over silk perfectly fine after washing the surface.