Can You Use Fence Paint On Decking?

If you’ve just painted your fences and you’ve got some paint leftover, you might be wondering: can you use fence paint on decking?

As fencing and decking are both made out of wood, it would make sense that you could use fence paint on your decking but unfortunately it isn’t as simple as that. The aim of this article is to answer the question and also advise on what would happen if you did use fence paint on decking. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time.

Can you use fence paint on decking?

The simple answer to this question is: yes, but it’s not going to last any meaningful amount of time. As fence paint isn’t built for foot traffic or standing water, in the space of a few weeks it will simply rub off.

So what should you use to paint your decking?

Beyond heavy industrial paint that can be found on roads, finding a paint that is weatherproof as well as resistant to foot traffic is fairly difficult.

Therefore, it’s best not to use any paint at all but rather go with an oil stain instead. The oil stain penetrates the decking wood and so isn’t easily wiped off but can still give your decking a new enhanced look that keeps the wood’s natural look intact.

If you did go with a fence paint, it would simply scratch off under pressure from foot traffic or wash away due to standing water.