Can You Put Paint In A Skip?

If you’ve been doing a complete renovation of your new home or existing home you might be left with some tins of paint.

If you’ve hired a skip you might be wondering whether you can just throw these paintings straight in the skip and have them taken away for you.

Whilst this would obviously be a convenient option, there are a few limitations.

So with that being said let’s answer the question “can you put paint in a skip?“

Can you put paint in a skip?

If you’re paint tin still contains any paint residue, then you won’t be able to put paint into your skip. This is because skip hire companies don’t have the capacity to dispose of hazardous materials safely. This includes any water-based paints or even paints that are virtually VOC free.

What if the tins are completely empty?

If your paint tins are completely empty and free from any paint residue then there are a number of skip hire companies who will accept those tins. Of course, you will need to check with the skip hire company in advance before you do through them in.

What can you do with leftover paint?

If you’ve still got some paint leftover, it might be worth getting in contact with Dulux or other paint manufacturers as typically they will have programs to find a use for your leftover paint. For example, Dulux have a program where they donate leftover paint to people less fortunate in our society.