Painted uPVC Doors: Before and After

Let’s be honest, uPVC doors are not exactly in style right now. But instead of replacing them with a different material, painting them a fresh, modern colour could be a much cheaper, yet just as effective, option.

Here are some before and after painted uPVC doors to show you what sort of transformation you can achieve without forking out on replacing your doors!

Painted uPVC Before and After Examples










Useful Tips for Painting uPVC Doors

If you’re not going to outsource the work to a professional and want to paint your uPVC doors yourself, here are some handy tips to consider:

  • If it’s a hot day, take the panel out of the door and coat the edges. The uPVC will shrink when the weather gets colder so you don’t want to be left with a silly looking white border around your new paint.
  • You’re saving money by painting the doors yourself so it’s worth spending a bit extra on a quality drop of uPVC paint. Bedec MSP, Zinsser Allcoat or Kolorbond (if you’re spraying) will all give you a professional standard finish.
  • If your door is south-facing, make sure you use a UV protection.