Will Professional Painters and Decorators Increase Their Prices?

With a worldwide shortage of raw materials, compounded by the difficulties that Brexit has caused, there have been many rumours that professional painters and decorators will be increasing their prices. With cost of materials going up (Dulux and Tikkurila have recently upped their trade prices), there’s certainly a very real chance that this will be the case.

With that in mind, we decided to conduct a comprehensive poll, asking a variety of companies from all areas of the UK whether they intend to increase their prices or not.

The Results

Out of the 334 companies to respond to our poll request, here’s how the numbers look:

Likely to increase price: 72%

Unlikely to increase price: 21%

Not sure: 7%

Judging by the results, it certainly seems that professional painters and decorators will be upping their rates over the next coming months – but why is this? Here’s what they had to say…

Why Painters Are Putting Their Prices Up


I up my base rate every year in line with inflation so my rate will be going up regardless of what else is going on at the moment.


Up, but I was too cheap before so as long as it’s at least £200/day labour then that’s good with me.


There’s definitely a boom at the moment so it would be silly not to up my prices.


My rates have gone up and I intend to raise them again next you because with the vaccination program and more people buying houses, painters and decorators are going to be in demand.


My rates have recently gone up but that’s because I haven’t upped them in 4 years so it was due.


The cost of living has gone up in my area so my rates have followed suit.


I am knowingly too cheap at £150 considering I’m fully dustless, insured and time served – all that fun stuff. So I’ll be going up to £170 I think and see how that goes in my area.

Andy P:

I’ve upped our rates but not because we’re very busy or because of material cost increase… it’s just an annual increase. We’re in the North West and would not get work if we charged £150/day.


I’ve put mine up but only because so many sundries have gone up along with other stuff like paint but not by much.


Up as I am so busy. Had a crap January this year and terrible March/April last year. If clients think it’s too high then I don’t care. Plenty of work until mid September. Being based in Essex helps I guess. People have money at the moment due to being locked down and being paid. Maybe after furlough ends I might need to drop my prices again.

Why Painters Are Not Putting Their Prices Up


My prices haven’t really changed in the last 5 years and I never feel like I’m out of pocket so I’ll be keeping my day rate for now.


I’m keeping mine the same – I’m happy with what I get and it’s still coming. Not a greedy man so don’t see why I should up my money. Can’t understand why people would. For what reason?


I’m actually putting my rates down slightly as I know people have struggled with covid.