Painting Exterior Walls: The Ultimate Guide and How-to 

There are few DIY projects that have as great an impact on the look of your home as a fresh coat of paint on your exterior walls. Well-applied, quality paintwork can truly transform your home, increase its value and give added protection from weather damage. Painting the exterior of your home can be a daunting … Read more

Repairing Hairline Cracks In Plaster Ceiling

If you’re looking to paint your plaster ceiling but have noticed hairline cracks running along the surface, it’s important that you repair them first. Whilst painting straight over hairline cracks in your ceiling with an opaque flat matt such as Tikkurila’s Anti-Reflex 2 might make the cracks look virtually invisible, you leave yourself open to … Read more

Shellac Based Primer Review

before and after sealing knots

Shellac based primers are made up of resin acids, esters with glycerol and ethanol and are some of the best primers you can get when dealing with surfaces that have been heavily stained by nicotine, oils or water. They’re also equally effective at sealing sap and bleeding knots in timber. Shellac based primers are essentially … Read more

Matt Or Silk Paint for Living Rooms?

Making decisions regarding paint colours when redecorating your living room can be an overwhelming process. Choosing the colour palette for any room can be a challenge, especially when there are so many options available. The main choice that people have in mind when planning is colour, though there are actually other important factors to consider. … Read more

Can You Paint Matt Over Gloss?

If you have some matt emulsions leftover and you’re thinking of painting over your glossy skirting boards you might be wondering whether it’s possible to paint over that gloss with your matt emulsion. The aim of today’s article is to address this question and offer our expert advice. Can You Paint Matt Over Gloss? You … Read more

Decorating Stilts Review: Work Tall Boots

Work Tall decorator stilts

Thanks to SM Decorating Services for this review of the decorating stilts Work Tall Boots. Decorating Stilts Review So, I won these monstrosities and I just tried them out. For a start they fit my size 12 feet which is a bonus! They are a lot sturdier than I imagined and a great height for … Read more

What Toll Does Years of Being a Painter Take On Your Body?

If you’re thinking about becoming a professional painter and decorator, you might be choosing the job because it’s active and you hate thee thought of working in an office all your life. But what toll does years of being a painter take on your body? We asked a variety of different professionals how long they’ve … Read more

A Guide to Eco Friendly Paint

Eco-friendly paint is certainly a game changer within the UK painting and decorating world. From an industry that has evolved from lead to oil to water, painting supplies are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Whilst water-based paints have lead the line when it comes to more sustainable paint, there’s companies taking it one step further … Read more